The ‘Karic Brothers’ Award Laureates in 2002


The opening speech of Mrs Milankа Marа Karic president of Karic foundation.

Ladies and Gentlemen, our dear friends,
I wish to welcome you to this jubilee of the “Karic Brothers“ award, and it is an honour I have for the fifth time now. But before that, please allow me to remember with piety and emotions, our late laureate and a great man of the Serbian cultural scene, that is Mr Danilo Bata Stojkovic.
Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s hold a minute’s silence for our Bata.
A minute’s silence…
When we first started this project five years ago, it was our wish to find a part of the Christian exhilaration in the joy of sharing, that Bishop Nikolaj spoke of.
Five years ago, when we began with the award, we wanted it to last for centuries, to renew and continue the tradition of the great men, the Serbian founders such as Captain Misa, Tekelija, Kolarac, Patic, Dundjerski. That start was marked with the desire to get close to them, so that the award should become a modest contribution of the Karic family to our motherland, and, with the same chastity, to earn at least a part of the respect we feel for the laureats.
When we began this project five years ago, we wanted the award to be won by virtues of those who would not talk about them by themselves, because one virtue would keep them from doing so. That virtue is modesty.
When we began this project five years ago, we wanted so many things. We wished to point to those who, with their effort, became a part of the national and world heritage, insignia of the mankind, those who would live through their work even after their biological leave. We wanted to expose to view those who grow above us tall, and who make us feel a bit taller, thanks to whose kindness we become a bit kinder, and whose light gives our own image a lighter shade.
When we began this project five years ago, during times that did not inspire celebrations, times of sound and fury, black scarves, the times during which our schools were closing down, our cemeteries grew and we longed for the future days when this award would be given with the sound of clarions, with red carpets, fireworks, and yes, why not the trumpet players from Dragacevo.

Dear friends, the event of the awards will miss many things this year, too. However, I believe that tonight, we are getting at least one step close to the joyous times in celebration of achievements and happiness.
We began this project five years ago, and today, today we are readier than ever to persist in our plans and desires.

Esteemed laureates, former and future, I know there are those of you, who will win the award in the years to come, and make us proud. And you, dear laureates, who deserve all of our attention and admiration tonight, allow me to believe for a moment that, when you accepted this award, you will become a part of our big family.

Welcome and congratulations.


Academician Mr VLADIMIR VELIČKOVIĆ, painter

The Executive Board has bestowed the award upon the academician and painter Vladimir Velickovic who is a resident of Paris for the last thirty years. The world painters’ elite regards him as one of the leading contemporary painters. His paintings decorate the walls of the most famous international museums and can be found in many private collections. His four exhibitions in Belgrade are more than sufficient demonstration of quality.

Extract from the winner’s speech:
“An award is a public praise for one’s achievements and an encouragement for future undertakings. It is also there to erase the possible doubt that so frequently exists as some kind of a relentless companion causing occasional slow progress.”



The award was conferred on the academician Miomir Vukobratovic, the originator and Head of the Belgrade School of Robotics and one of the internationally acclaimed founders of robotics as an individual science discipline. Academician Vukobratovic is considered one of the most cited scientists in this field in the world and is a member of a number of international science academies. The award also goes to the group of authors: Prof Dr Slobodan Marinkovic, Prof Dr Milan Milisavljevic and Prof Dr Vaso Antunovic for the work in the area of medicine that deals with the subject of brain blood vessels in a three-dimensional aspect and serial sections, which has subsequently pushed back the boundaries of brain research in the world medicine.

Extract from the winner’s speech:

Academician Miomir Vukobratović:
“The award partially belongs to everyone, but it actually belongs to the School. The school was established a long time ago and is still existent. The truth of the matter is that it has been damaged, but so were we and we nevertheless function.

Prof Dr Slobodan Marinković:
“A scientist is a rational pursuer of truth and an artiste is an emotional painter of beauty. What they have in common is imagination, creativity, high quality aesthetic, the thrill of creating and love for nature and humankind. An artiste is a prophet of future and a scientist is its creator. In unison they lead civilisation and ensure its success. The Karic Foundation has recognised the essence of creation.”


Mr ŽIVOJIN and Mr VOJIN ĐORĐEVIĆ, “Si & Si Co” and “Fresh & Co”

The Executive Board has come to a decision that the award should be shared between the Djordjevic brothers. Zivojin and Vojin are a true example of successful private entrepreneurship in the production of natural fruit juices. “Si & Si” and “Fresh & Co” are well-recognised brands on the European market.



The award went to Dragan Bujosevic, the Asst editor-in-chief of the most influential weekly magazine, the Nin, and an author and host of one of the most popular political talk shows.


Mr MILORAD MURATOVIĆ Dr. Sc, president of the Association of FRY Refugees

The award went to Prof Milorad Muratovic D Sc, president of the Association of SRY Refugees whose appointment with this association has marked a whole decade of relentless struggle for an improved status of refugees, their return to their original residence and a just and monitored aid relief for the most deprived ones. Since 1992, he is solely devoted to the voluntary humanitarian work with refugees and has started a magazine called The Refugee Information. The grand total of his working hours amounts to over 40 thousand and was covered as a phenomenon in both foreign and local press.

Extract from the winner’s speech:
“I accept the award of the Karic Foundation as an expression of conscience of the Serbian society. This award was an incentive for all activists from all over Yugoslavia to meet in order to discuss what is to be done at this present moment. We hope that this occasion will differ from the previous ones and draw wider support owing to this Award.”






GROUP 7 Humanitarian Organisation – Children’s Fund

Following a special decision of the Executive Board, the “Karic Brothers” Award has also been presented to the Group 7 Humanitarian Organisation – The Children’s Fund, established by seven basketball players: Vlade Divac, Aleksandar Djordjevic, Predrag Danilovic, Dejan Bodiroga, Zarko Paspalj, Zoran Savic and Zeljko Rebraca. The Group 7 has since helped numerous health institutions, orphanages, children with special needs and the disabled association. The aim and motto of the Group 7 is: Let there be great many more happy children! The Executive Board has recognised in those national sport champions the embodied essence of the award for this field – they have found the finest way of representing their nation by sincerely spreading amity throughout the world. The selfless humanitarian work that they have performed serves as a perfect model for the young.