‘I had a wish to create a new generation of brilliant minds, our contemporaries who have selflessly devoted their work, life, and their entire energy to their homeland. That is how the idea of the award whose laureates would mark a new history of Serbia originated three decades ago. They symbolize a guiding light on a worldwide scale. After all these years, they represent a family of great people brought together by the Karic Award.’
Bogoljub Karic
Creator of the Karic Brothers Award

The main goals of the Awards

  • Support to creation and creative work
  • Impetus to the most creative part of society so that they may speed up the material and spiritual development of our people and country with their efforts and results
  • Promotion of the main humanistic principles which constitute the basic of every true creation
  • Renewal of the tradition of awarding and recognizing the most meritorious
  • Helping the international promotion of results achieved in our country
  • Bigger presence and recognition of the achievements from other countries
  • Strengthening the ties between creators from our homeland with creators worldwide
  • Encouraging optimism for creation and achieving top results in younger generations
  • Financial support to the most deserving creators in order to facilitate their further work and acquisition of new knowledge

General criteria for the selection of candidates

  • Continuity of work
    Candidates should show high quality work, contributions and results in continuity.
  • Objective assessment of the work or contribution’s significance
    The work of each candidate, his contribution and results should be such that they can be objectively measured and assessed.
  • Authority in our country and abroad
    With his work, contribution and results each candidate for the award should be an authority in the relevant sphere, both in this country and abroad.
  • Contribution to the material and spiritual development of our people
    The work, contribution and result of the candidate’s work should be a contribution not only to the sphere in which it was developed and for which he is applying, but it should also have wider positive influences on the material or spiritual development of our people.
  • Inspiration for coming generations
    Candidates for the award and their work should be inspiring not only for the people who work in the same sphere for which the award is received, but also for all others, and particularly for the young.