About the Award

The presentation of light

The Karic Brothers Award has been established as a result of a firm belief in the inexhaustible capacity of intellect and value, primarily of our own people. Its purpose is to stimulate and motivate all those who create and produce value that will result in more pleasant living conditions. On the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of the BK Company, the Karic family and the Karic Foundation introduced the Karic Brothers Award. It is presented for the highest achievements in the following categories: culture and arts, scientific research work, publishing and journalism, economy and commerce, humanitarian activity in support of peace, cooperation and amity amongst people.

The award is presented annually. Individuals, organisations and institutions all have the right to propose a candidate. The proposal should be submitted in written form to the Karic Foundation. The Executive Board decides on the laureates. A team of experts proposes to the Board three candidates in each category of whom one is subsequently chosen. The award was originally presented in 1998 and the names of its winners best attest to the justified ambition of becoming, with time, the Serbian equivalent to the Nobel Prize.

I had a wish to create a new generation of brilliant minds, our contemporaries who have selflessly devoted their work, life, and their entire energy to their homeland. That is how the idea of the award whose laureates would mark a new history of Serbia originated three decades ago. They symbolize a guiding light on a worldwide scale. After all these years, they represent a family of great people brought together by the Karic Award.’
Bogoljub Karic
Creator of the Karic Brothers Award