The ‘Karic Brothers’ Award Laureates in 1999


The opening speech of Mrs Milankа Marа Karic president of Karic foundation.

Ladies and Gentlemen, respected laureates and dear friends,

When something happens once, then it is an accident.
When something happens twice, then it is an intention.
When something happens for the third time, or several times, then we can talk of tradition.

Welcome to the second “Karic brothers” Awards ceremony!

So, dear friends, in making these Awards for the second time – we still cannot claim it to be traditional – but on behalf of my family and the Foundation I assure you that the “Karic Brothers” Award will become traditional and will continue for many years to come.
The intention was to make this Award every year in April – in the National theatre building. We wanted the best and most famous to sing, play music and speak for the best – selected – award winners. We wanted the “Karic Brothers” Award to be remembered for beauty and joy… and to end in fireworks. To our great sorrow, this year it will not be so. It is not the time for joy while Kosovo and Metohija are under the shadow of sorrow – suffering and expulsions of our people from their ancestral homes. This gives us great pain. Therefore, this year, we are not celebrating the Awards, but simply presenting them.
And why do we present them at all in these difficult times?
Because we know that we need strength – more than ever before – the strength brought by creation and the spirit – science and humanism – knowledge and the arts – virtues in which we are the strongest, with which we defend our right to survival and keep our place in European Christian civilization and secure it for future generations.
For the strength and perseverance of a country and its people largely depend on how well the works of its creators are known and recognized in the world.

Dear laureates,
Let me repeat what I said last year – and what is slowly becoming the motto of the “Karic Brothers” Award:
The Award does not give honor to the Man – but the Man gives honour to the Award.”
May dear God let us make next year’s Awards and celebrate them with song and fireworks.

Thank You.



He was awarded for his inexhaustible talent and charisma, which has never failed him in the multitude of roles that he played. His brilliant acting is seen as a major landmark in the Serbian acting world over the past decade.

Extract from the winner’s speech:
“Ever since ancient Greece, acting was considered one of the most candid, intimate and essential arts. Sterija has once said, ‘It is for me to heal mankind’. I am grateful to those whose refined taste has brought in acting as a category for the award. I accept this award with great pleasure, particularly because it is being presented in the field of culture and arts in its broadest frame.”



The Award is shared between the three candidates nominated by the jury of experts. The Executive Board has assessed that albeit the candidates have been active in diverse science disciplines, their scientific work and contribution has much in common: each one of them has immensely added to the progress of the scientific field that they work in; they have left a significant trace not only in our science heritage but also in that of the world and they are creators of their own schools of scientific thought that have educated a great number of scientists and researchers.

Furthermore, all three academicians, Dusan Kanazir and Aleksandar Despic in the recent past, and Dejan Medakovic at present, have been appointed to head our principal national scientific and cultural institution – the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts. Through their work in that sphere, they have contributed to the prestige and development of Serbian culture, arts and sciences in general.

Extract from the speech of academician Dušan Kanazir:
“Allow me to take this opportunity and give credit to the “BK Group”, which in affiliation with the Foundation, the University, numerous faculties and the Institute of Strategic Research, is playing an active part in the continuous stimulation of progress in the field of culture, science, spirituality, business and literacy in the 21st century. Those institutions represent a connection to the rest of the world and instigate international cooperation in all spheres of life, as well as tolerance and mutual understanding. They create links in the form of artistic events, scientific gatherings and a flow of people, ideas and knowledge in both directions. In that way, the Foundation encourages the expansion of humanism, spirituality, knowledge, business and wisdom.”

Extract from the speech of academician Aleksandar Despić:
“I shall only say that I highly appreciate the efforts of the Karic family that led to the establishment of the Karic Foundation. They have in so doing carved a place for themselves amongst the great men of our economy and culture who have founded many a legacy and enabled us to accomplish numerous ventures, which would be impossible had it not been for Misa Anastasijevic, Ilija Kolarac, Nikola Spasic and other great ancestors. It carries a particular value at this time of overall crisis that has acutely affected culture in its broadest sense along with science, which can now rely on support provided through this form of donations given by foundations of such great repute.

Extract from the speech of academician Dejan Medaković:
“I experience the Karic Foundation Award as a continuance and a further nurture of the Serbian endowment founding, a tradition that has secured us a position of repute on a European scale. From the moment that our road to Europe has been marked by the establishment of an endowment such as Studenica, foundations had commenced emerging all around the Serbian spiritual territory at a rapid pace and were not interrupted even throughout centuries of slavery and foreign tyranny. Aren’t 1,500 existent religious edifices in Kosovo and Metohija proof enough? Is not the fact that 30 monasteries have been erected on the stretch from Sid in Srem to Arad in Banat enough of an evidence? Regardless of their size, all those buildings embody an eternal symbol of Serbian dedication to a life with dignity.”


Sintelon A D from Bačka Palanka

This is a company with over a hundred years old tradition that has successfully carried out the proprietorial and organisational conversion and has achieved to retain a successful production in the most difficult times for our economy. It has attained to establish its products on the foreign market and branch out in different countries. Their employees have a regular and above-average income and a modern working environment. The young managerial team that heads this company has a clear strategic vision of progress based on the latest business principles.

Extract from the speech of Mr Pavičić, director:
“When successful, generous people inspire others to follow their path. That is how I understand the motivation that the Karic family had when introducing this award. I thank the Karic family for their generosity, the inspiration they have given me and for this magnificent award.”


Mr VLADIMIR DIMITRIJEVIĆ, publisher, founder and owner of “Naš dom” Publishing Company

According to the assessment of the Executive Board, Vladimir Dimitrijevic and his publishing work deserve all the credit for introducing the most prominent names of our literature to the international scene by translating their books into French and launching them in the French-speaking countries. By publishing our most valuable literary works in addition to his notable status in the European intellectual circles, Dimitrijevic has found the finest way to display the genuine value and the spiritual and moral significance of the Serbian nation and its contribution and place in European civilization.


H H Aleksey II, the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia

This outstanding man whose humanism, tolerance and spirituality marked the social life of the post-Soviet Russia, has been continuously engaged in strengthening peace and collaboration through his authority and christian values. It is in that spirit that Aleksey had vigorously opposed war, aggression, terrorism and violence and uncompromisingly emphasised that difficulties can only be resolved by the means of dialogue, good will and mutual understanding.