The 25th Anniversary of the “Karić Brothers” Award

This year too, the “Karić Brothers” Foundation presented the Awards for the twenty-fifth time, to creators, visionaries, humanists; to people who create a better future for Serbia, Europe and the World with their actions! The award ceremony was held on Monday, September 19, 2022 at the Main Stage of the National Theater.

The prestige of this traditional award, with great public interest every year, is evidenced by the names of our brilliant and eminent laureates: Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin – President of the Russian Federation, Nursultan Nazarbayev – former President of the Kazakhstan, Valentina Ivanovna Matviyenko – Chairwoman of the Russian Federation Council, Patriarch of Serbia Mr. PavlePatriarch of Serbia Mr. IrinejPatriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexey IIChief Rabbi Isak AsielHadji Hamdija Efendija Yusufspahićsisterhood of the Patriarchate of PećNobel laureate – Peter HandkeNobel Laureate – Zhores Ivanovich AlferovAcademician Yevgeny Maksimovich Primakov – former Prime Minister of Russia, Academician Yuri Sergeyevich Osipov – long-time president of the USSR and of its successor Russian Academy of Sciences, Martin Luther King III – human rights activist, Esther Coopersmith – UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, Walt Bogdanich – winner of three Pulitzer Prizes, Jean-Christophe Buisson – journalist and publicist engaged in objective reporting on the events during the war in the former Yugoslavia, Nikita MikhalkovEmir KusturicaMarina AbramovićAcademician Vladimir VeličkovićAcademician Ljubomir SimovićSvetislav BožićSiniša KovačevićDanilo Bata StojkovićLjubivoje – Ljuba TadićVelimir Bata ŽivojinovićOlga Olja IvanjickiBora DugićNovak ĐokovićChildren’s Foundation Group 7 consisting of: Vlade DivacŽarko PaspaljZoran SavićAleksandar ĐorđevićPredrag DanilovićŽeljko Rebrača and Dejan BodirogaDragan DžajićJasna Šekarić, as well as all athletes the medal winners at the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2012 and 2016. Today, more than 150 brilliant people, benefactors, creators, scientists, artists form a large family of laureates of the “Karić Brothers” Award.

“I wished to create another generation of magnificent minds, our contemporaries, who selflessly give their work, their life, all their strength to their homeland. Thus, three decades ago, the idea of ​​an Award whose laureates will be the golden letters of a different history of
Serbia, was born in me. They are beacons on the map of Europe and the world. After all these years, they are a family of greats gathered around the Karić Brothers Award”– Bogoljub Karić, founder of the Karić Foundation Award.

The “Karić Brothers” awards in 2022 were presented to outstanding people for their greatest achievements in the following categories:


1. Culture and Art, the laureates are:

– Sloboda Mićalović – for boldness and directness in artistic communication, for an insight and charm in creating contemporary worlds of acting

– Vojin Ćetković – for a unique artistic expression that conveys the character of dignity and power, existential truths spoken on the stage and legendary interpretive endeavors in theater, film and television art.


2. Scientific and Research work, the laureates are:

– Prof. Dr. Dragan Švarc (Schwarz) – for his contribution to the modernization of treatment principles, strengthening awareness of prevention models and encouragement of an interdisciplinary approach to improving knowledge

– Prof. Dr. Nebojša Tasić – for commitment to the principles of modern health care, education and improvement of medical protocols and for fundamental contribution to the development of scientific thought in our country and in the world


3. Sports, the laureates are winners of medals at the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo 2021, for their world success, their contribution to Serbian sports and to raising and preserving the reputation of Serbia in the world.

– OlympiansMilica Mandić, Jovana Preković, Tijana Bogdanović, Damir Mikec, Zurabi Datunašvil, Milenko Sebić, Water Polo Men National Team of Serbia, Women’s Volleyball National Team and Basketball National Team of Serbia

– Paralympians: Nada Matić, Borislava Perić Ranković, Dragan Ristić, Zdravko Savanović, Laslo Šuranji and Željko Dimitrijević.


4. Strengthening of Democracy, Peace, Cooperation and Friendship among nations, the laureate is:

– Milan Kučan – for the affirmation of the philosophy of political dialogue, perseverance in the application of the ethical principles of parity and equality and for his merit in the renewal and nurturing of fruitful cooperation within the European political scope

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