The ‘Karic Brothers’ Award Laureates in 2003


The opening speech of Mr Svetislav Bozic, composer, winner of the Karic Brother Award in 1998.


Honourable Fathers, your Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen and esteemed members of the Karic family,
I was given an exceptional honour to announce and welcome the 6th Anniversary of the prestigious Karic Brothers Award. In its thus far short, but generously inspired tradition, this award has grown into an exclusive ceremonial assemblage of spirit, intellect and organization, heading towards future and all those metamorphosis that shall, through awarding individuals and expert teams, initiate the progress of standard in all spheres of life, on this forever heated Balkan soil. It will restore faith in creative work, invention, and those irretrievable passions that are the highest peak of any person’s yearnings, regardless of their national or religious belonging.
The idea for this award as I wish to see it as one of its initial recipients, has its roots in the heart of a family that rose from Pec in Kosovo and Metohija, a town where once governed the Serbian Patriarch, Makarius Sokolovic, the blood relative of the Grand vizier Mehmed Pasha Sokolovic. The dream of joined riverbanks and the everlasting longing of a gentle heart to triumph over the ephemeral, existed like divine radiance frequently interrupted by the impenetrable darkness of the mysterious Orient. The eternally intertwined hope and fear have always been the main streak of life on the Levant, which had spread its spiritual wings from Baghdad to Budapest. One in a chain – the Bridge on the Drina, one in a chain of grand viziers on the Bosphorus, one in a chain of Serbian patriarchs governing Pec, all entered the world history not only for the bloodshed and tragedy of its people, but for the Nobel Prize awarded to a loner from Levant and a chronicler of consular times in Travnik.
As if the unique monasticism of a giant from Lovcen has entered a dream of Nikola Tesla and showered this award with light and melancholy of the Orient, giving way to its predisposed course to Athos, to the land of the rising sun, to the endless Crnjanski’s blue circle, the prayers on the lake of St Nikolai of Serbia, trailing the Orthodox world and all its wisdom that has stretched all the way from Constantinople to Janjina, Moskopolje, Drac, Skadar, Vallone, Salonica, Bitolj, Kumanovo, Vranje, Nis, Belgrade, Negotin, Trebinje, Inaca, Budapest, St Andrea, Timisoare, Gratz, Vienna, the whole wide world, Prizren and Pec, gazing at the majestic Kiev’s door and listening out for the mystery of the out-sung Russian church bells. I believe that the Karic Brothers Award will be as much worldly, European and local as will our results.
Its key task, after all, is to extract from the miniature familiar surroundings and honourably and wisely draw attention to the values that surpass the boundaries of localization. It aims, in its inspired and rational manner, to go beyond the concealed local pragmatism with the intention to reach out to its ‘kindred spirit’ throughout the world and enrich its criteria and spiritual diplomacy with such selection, that it will take upon itself the role of a coryphaeus of its people with an everlasting effect. It appears that the Karic Brothers Award has announced its majority as of this evening, trusting that the prior laureates as well as the future ones, resembling a newly formed family created out of exceptional individualities, will be able to carry on enhancing their spiritual and secular capacity, have recurring creative triumphs; be generous with the newcomers and with those who have remained neglected.
I am certain that the Karic family, who gave this award their name in addition to everything else that makes it so unique, will tonight leave plenty of ceremonial room for the selected ones to unreservedly express themselves and remain remembered with generations to come.
I wish you a successful future.



The doyen of our acting scene.

Extract from the winner’s speech:
“The Karic Foundation award has assembled our leading creators in the sphere of culture and arts. I thank the Foundation and the jury who has selected me for this important recognition. It appears that living and having faith did make sense after all. The award that I have received gives fresh hope to all the citi­zens of our country that we shall one day become part of the big European family, partly owing to the Karic Brothers.”


VLADIMIR KANJUH, academician

Vladimir Kanjuh is cardio-pathologist from the Belgrade School of Medicine. He is achieving continuous remarkable results in his scientific work of national and international significance. Judging by his latest work – The morphological-clinical correlation in cardiovascular diseases, academician Kanjuh entirely satisfies the criterion of this award.

Extract from the winner’s speech:
“I greatly appreciate this significant recognition. It is a prestigious award with a six-year tradition. I am happy to have become a member of the family of renowned people, laureates of our, and foreign science. It is a pleasant ascertainment that the Karic Brothers Award is not discriminatory, which is a stimulus for all to believe in a better future inspired by the spirit of free and scrupulous enterprise that will carry us to the door of Europe.”



The Executive Board gave the award to Mr Radenko Mar­janovic, general director of “Knjaz Milos”. The Executive Board has expressed the opinion that Mr Marjanovic is worthy of the award in the field of economy and commerce, given that he has added to the continuous growth of his firm in all aspects of business, above all to its establishing on the foreign market. The business philosophy of Mr Marjanovic is embodied in the slogan: Our water recognises no boundaries.

Extract from the winner’s speech:
“AIf one values diligence, then one must possess it. I see the “Karic Brothers” Award as a significant recognition and an attestation of effort made by a great number of economists to initiate progress and create a better living in my beloved country.”


MILAN VLAJČIĆ, journalist

The Executive Board has given the award to Mr Milan Vlajcic whose thousands of texts, reviews, interviews and analyses in the fields of arts and foremost the cinema, were published over the past three decades. What gives his name a specific air of importance is his enduring strength to carry the weight of excellence in each of his daily columns. He is an author of a number of books and a recipient of numerous professional national and international awards.

Extract from the winner’s speech:
“A special thanks to the Karic Foundation not only for selecting me for this award, but for remaining resolute in taking care of this award, thereby stimulating the necessary awareness of recognising and improving cultural and scientific standards. Lack of that awareness shall forever keep us a t the door of Europe and the world at large.”


DAISAKU IKEDA, humanist and philosopher

He is one of the spiritual leaders of mankind from the latter part of the 20th century. Daisaku Ikeda is an honorary doctor of science, professor, and a recipient of numerous awards from over 140 universities in the world. He has won the UN Peace Award.