The ‘Karic Brothers’ Award Laureates in 2007


The opening speech of Milankа Marа Karic president of Karic foundation.


Real friends are more valuable than any possession, and a man is happy only when he realizes the whole truth of that claim. Well, dear friends, I am very happy today and above all honored to stand in front of you in our National Theater again, for the tenth time. We started a long time ago in 1997. The memories of that year are very much alive as if only ten days have passed, not ten years. During that period, we experienced numerous important historical events, and we went through different temptations. Having not left Belgrade we awarded people in four states. They asked us very often if it was the right time for such awards, but we were determined to let the Award live and last, even when the immense lines of people were going towards Serbia, when we were bombed and when the governments changed and during the terrible holocaust in Kosovo and Metohija. Even today, when the creator of the Award our Bogoljub is not present, to share with us the joy of this ceremony, we think it is the right time.

Serbian history is full of the examples that great endowers were the victims of politics, persecuted and driven into exile from their country they contributed a lot, often completely forgotten. All of them endured everything that happened to them, deeply convinced that justice and truth always win in the end. Our Award is a living endowment, based on the intention of my family to change the rule that success is unforgivable here. The “Braca Karic” Award is above that, it points out, respects and proudly distinguishes the best among us. The laureates and their work have contributed the significance and greatness of “Braca Karic” Award based on the work of the jury and the honesty of the choice and the fact it has survived, overcome aII temptations to be awarded here in the National Theatre for the tenth time. Congratulating this year’s laureates let me greet you with the words of its creator, Bogoljub Karic:

The strength of the state lies in the strength of a family. I believe that the strength of the laureates’ family of our Award has strengthened Serbia and that it will make it even stronger in the future, because the Award is getting more important each year. In the accomplishment of the Award, my great dream, is woven my need to pay tribute to famous and unknown outstanding persons of our history, among them our ancestors, great geographer Vladimir Karic, the founder of the first Teacher-Training School. Our outstanding contemporaries, the laureates of our Award, continue their work. For a family and foundation ten years of the existence of the Award is an important tradition. However, that decade is just the first step and a moment in history. Only when our descendants award it for the hundredth time, it will represent a decade in the course of history. The effort of preserving and strengthening of the “Braca Karic” Award is becoming another endowment of us who created it and a vow to our descendants who will take it on themselves from us.



The Karic Brothers Award was presented to Ljubivoje Rsumovic for creative work for children, literature, authorial work on radio and television, versatile and vast knowledge and achievements in the theatres for the young, his humanitarian work, and for encouraging amity, particularly amongst the younger generations. He is the author of Binoculars, Thousands of Whys, Let’s Grow Up, Jokes and Pranks, etc. He is a recipient of two distinguished international awards – Puglia in Bari, for creative work for children, and the UNESCO award for the Primer on Children’s Rights.

Extract from the winner’s speech:
“I would like to thank God and the Trinity for good health, and my colleague Misa Odalovic for recommending me for this award; it makes it all the dearer given that the proposal came from a colleague. I am grateful to the jury for accepting his proposal, and express my gratitude to the Karic Foundation for making this award so precious.”






ANKA BURIĆ, painter

Anka Buric is a member of the Montenegrin Academy of Science and Arts, and an associate professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cetinje. She took part in over two hundred collective exhibitions at home and abroad, and had twenty-four independent exhibitions. Her work can be found in the collections of distinguished museums and galleries, amongst which is the Paris National Library.

Extract from the winner’s speech:
“My deepest gratitude to the Karic family, who nurtures and acknowledges the value of work and professional determination that has ceaseless quality.”



Academician Alfyorov is the vice-president of the Russian Science Academy, and president of Physical and Technical Institute in Saint Petersburg. His papers on fundamental physical theory and semiconductors have received international recognition, amongst which is the Nobel Prize, which he received in 2000.

Extract from the winner’s speech:
“With the exception of many other awards that I have received, I experience the Karic Brothers Award as a unity of the Slavic world and culture. In the times of globalization and disagreement, the world scientists demonstrate an excellent example of unity and preservation of common interests. I wish that politicians followed their example. I thank you yet again for our friendship and cooperation.”


NOVAK DJOKOVIĆ, tennis player

Novak Djokovic, a supreme tennis champion and a brand that represents his family, his hometown and his country in the best possible light. It is with pride that he carries the Serbian flag, and each time before he raises the trophy, he puts on a jersey with ‘Serbia, Novak No 1’ written on it.

Extract from the winner’s speech:
“I feel like I am living a dream while receiving the Karic Brothers Award. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Karic family for this beautiful award, as it represents a great honour and pleasure, as well as an obligation to keep proving that I am worthy of it.”







Prof Dr FERENZ AGOSHTON, primarius

Primarius Prof Dr Ferenz Agoshton has acquired those titles through his education, and earned the title of Doctor of Tourist Management and Commerce through training and work. He has been the director of the Kanjiza Spa since 1993, and this institution has produced some tremendous results in the interim. It evolved from a simple rural spa into an important institution in the field of physical medicine and physiotherapy in Serbia and other countries.

Extract from the winner’s speech:
“I have prepared a speech, but I now decided to reduce it to just one big thank you to the Karic Foundation, and the entire Karic family.”


MILOMIR MARIĆ, journalist

Milomir Maric professionally established himself a few decades ago by uncompromisingly discrediting classified information, fallacies and taboos from that era. He gained public praise internationally and locally, but at the same time, became victim of police and judicial persecution. He is the author of The Children of Communism, the editor of Intervju, Profil, and BK Television. Maric is a committed supporter of the freedom of speech and transparency.

Extract from the winner’s speech:
“I am grateful to the Karic family for establishing the first private foundation in Serbia in the period that followed the times of revolution and communism. They have realized that all the state and official awards went only to those that were favoured by the authorities and politicians. Over the years, great names of the Serbian culture, art and science have become the laureates of the Karic Brothers Award.”



The friendship and relationship of Selim Redepovic and Borivoje Menkovic define the essence of the Karic Brothers Award. They have been best friends all their life, more than half a century to be exact. The entire world seems to wonder whether the Serbs and the ethnic Albanians can live together in Serbia in peace and tolerance. I believe that Selim and Borivoje are the answer.

Extract from the winner’s speech:
“I am an Albanian ladies and gentlemen, and the man beside me is my friend. I thank you for the award. Bora and I have been friends since 1965. Both our families get together regularly. We are content with our life. We live in Bujanovac, which is a small and poor municipality. Nevertheless, we like it. If it were not for this award, we would probably never live to see Belgrade.”