The ‘Karic Brothers’ Award Laureates in 2009


Introductory speech of Mr Bora Dugic, laureate of the Karic Brothers Award 2005


We are marking the twelfth anniversary of the award presented by the Karic Foundation to individuals and institutions for exceptional accomplishments in the sphere of social, public and business-related life of our country, but also to individuals from abroad to whom mankind is beholden.

Man, a miraculous being so adored by his Creator that he is being praised for every slightest contribution to beauty, and following that example, is motivated to commend only the best ones.

There is no living being on this planet that does not understand praise, and that does not feel more important after hearing it. One of the greatest accomplishments in the spiritual development of humankind is without doubt the wish to give, as well as receive awards. It is only from extreme heights that all people appear tiny, but we people live next to each other, and we are well aware that there are always those who are better than we are.

However, Andre Malraux says the following: ‘Only a poet, or a saint, is capable of watering an asphalt pavement in hope that lilies would be the reward for his effort.’

It is for this reason that the award exists as an institution that is an impetus to creativity, enthusiasm and benefaction. In such sense, there was a good amount of very significant awards before and after the war in Serbia and abroad.

Karic Foundation is the first private foundation established to promote Serbian national culture, its exchange and association with the rest of the world, but also for humanitarian work, and support for the underprivileged. The foundation had, and will remain to have immeasurable value for our country in that respect.

A particularly significant undertaking of the Karic Foundation is the presentation of the Karic Brothers Award in the domain of culture, science, journalism, commerce, and humanitarian work.

Giving should always represent a greater joy than taking, for it is only giving that reflects who we truly are.

In the past twelve years, nearly a hundred successful people have been awarded for their accomplishments. Many highly praised people from Serbia – academicians, artists, and all the way from doctors of science to farmers, are bearers of this great award that represents an inspiration, as well as a message that it is worth fighting for high merit.

The laureates alone represent part of the criterion for this award; the achievements that many of them have produced in their field of work already represented an award that came prior to the award that was actually conferred upon them.

That denotes that this award is free of politics, ideology or any other misuse, so we are therefore certain that it will continue to exist, and maintain its integrity.

The high standards that this award is setting as the supreme in the region, deservingly carries the epithet – Serbian Nobel prize. It was a motivation for other public and private institutions to follow the same path.

It was a good move, since the announcement of the laureates and the presentation of the award in such a ceremonial atmosphere represents a great experience.

Holy Bishop Nikolai says:’ the state and culture should be at the service of people, and not vice versa. People create states and culture not as the only remaining purpose of life, but as a support for achieving spiritual and ethical objectives.’

As one of the laureates of this great award, and as the introductory host this evening, I congratulate all the winners, and hope that this will represent an additional motivation for their hard work and accomplishments, which would bring joy to our nation, however small in number, as I wish to believe that it is great in spirit.

I have a duty to say a few more words. In between the last two awards ceremonies, two laureates that have been of great value for their country have passed away: Aleksey II Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia, and our academician and professor Dr Dejan Medakovic. They were both laureates in 1999. The current awards ceremony is dedicated to them.


Mr RADOŠ BAJIĆ, actor, director, scriptwriter

Proud to be the son of a labourer and to come from the countryside, Rados Bajic cherishes the cultural and historical value of the Serbian nation with great dedication, and sees heritage and the contemporary Serbian countryside as source of inspiration. He truly enjoys domesticity. The crowning achievement of his work is the series ‘The village is on fire whilst the old woman is combing her hair’, which consists of 50 episodes; it united all of his talents – acting, scriptwriting, and directing.

Extract from the winner’s speech:
“I am very grateful, and as much worried about where we are heading, and what we should do. I am confused and surprised that Karic Foundation has thought of me, and I have great respect for all the previous laureates who were deserving of this award.”


Mr IGOR MANDIĆ, journalist, publicist

For the past half a century, Igor Mandic has been the unmatched arbiter of art and the mass media on the territory of former Yugoslavia. His word and judgement on various subjects were being awaited with fear by many in Belgrade, Zagreb. He is one of the growing numbers of intellectuals who have been trying for decades to bridge the artistic and unity gap between the Serbs and the Croats. He is relentless in his quest for joining attributes of our two nations, which would unite and reconcile them, and create mutual spirituality.

Extract from the winner’s speech:
“The commendation conferred upon me this evening, which is on a par with the world standards in its magnitude, particularly when judging by all its previous laureates, by associating it to the name of its founder – the great Karic family, to which I am grateful. It should be demonstrated that Serbia is always ready to open its arms, not only in its tradition of donation, but also as a nation.”


Mr SAVA PEROVIĆ, academician

Academician Sava Perovic has brought together surgical and scientific work and Serbian urology, and elevated it to the top of the world. He has introduced over 200 original and internationally approved surgical techniques in the treatment of the most severe forms of malformations and the urol.-genital tract diseases. The surgical innovations of Savo Perovic have opened a new chapter in world surgery. There are only five such centres in the entire world, and they are located in Barcelona, London, Hamburg, Milan, and Belgrade.
Owing to our laureate, academician Sava Perovic, and based on the results that he has produced, the World Health Organization has declared Belgrade Centre the best and most prestigious in the world.

Extract from the winner’s speech:
“To be honoured for your work on your own soil, is considered the greatest success in one’s career. That is why this day is so special for me. I really did not expect to become a laureate of Karic Foundation. I see this award as special because its winners were carefully chosen individuals who promoted Serbia in the world with their accomplishments. I thank the Karic family from the heart, particularly Milanka Karic, who has continued with the tradition of the Karic Brothers Award, which is a great impetus to new triumphs and achievements of all of us who are fighting for the prosperity of our country.”


Mr Prof Dr RADISAV ŠĆEPANOVIĆ, director of Dragiša Mišović CHC

The pioneer work of Prof Dr Radisav Rasa Scepanovic in the field of surgery, medical management, innovative techniques, and work organisation in big medical institutions, has marked the past two decades of the previous century. This has resulted in an unusual and valuable union of qualities of a brilliant doctor and a top medical manager.

Extract from the winner’s speech:
“The Karic Brothers Award requires sincerity, and produces emotions. Mrs Milanka, owing to the vision of Bogoljub Karic, founder of this award, as well as your determination, this award will continue to live. What is of greater importance is that this award has continuously evolved. The significance and magnitude it acquired throughout its existence that has now entered the second decade, made it outgrow its family and the foundation that had established it, and transformed into a national Serbian brand.”


Mrs ISIDORA BJELICA, journalist, publicist

With her recognizable straightforwardness and amazing sharp-wittedness that quashes and creates paradoxes in around thirty magazines and newspapers, Isidora swiftly reacts to deceit and all forms of injustice or attempt of misinformation or manipulation of Serbian people.

Extract from the winner’s speech:
“The Karic Brothers Award represents a great privilege, so I am grateful to the Karic Foundation for maintaining their tradition in these difficult times, and continuing to support artists, journalists and scientists. They are aware that they will be remembered for their benefaction and investment in art and culture, and not for their personal wealth, which is, regrettably, something that the majority of very rich people in Serbia do not even comprehend.”



He has been interested in politics since young age, and always walked a fine line. He has set the objectives of the Novosti contrary to the advice of his more experienced and mature fellow journalists, and covered subjects such as the Cestna affair in Slovenia, the political disagreement within the political party in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Montenegro. He wrote about the meaning of the mass-movement in Croatia at the time when even the highest-ranking members of the Yugoslav Communist Union Central Committee were unaware of which faction would prevail.

Extract from the winner’s speech:
“There is no a society in the world where there are no tendencies towards clandestine control of the Press. That has made journalism a trying calling. Therefore, the current generation of journalists that carries this weight should repeat the words said to us by our then senior colleagues, ‘freedom does not come as a gift, it is being fought for’.”


Mrs IVANA ŽIGON, actress

Five years ago, Ivana Zigon has gathered us together into a colourful bouquet. Her eyes brought us sunlight, and her kind words were like water. She taught us how to share our emotions, give a smile, and open our heart to the world. She taught us how to tell in Serbian, Russian and English language about the calamity that our people and peers from Kosovo and Metohija have endured. Supported by Ivana Zigon, Peonies held up their head with pride.

Extract from the winner’s speech:
“I thank the Karic Foundation for continuing to support, even in the hardest of times, all those devoted to their work. I thank you Tanjusa, and the Kosovo Peonies, for making me better than I actually am.”



Whilst preparing the ceremony of the 50th anniversary of the ‘I have a Dream’ speech, Mr Martin Luther King III is carrying out his five-year long plan of various undertakings aiming to reduce poverty, develop a humane society based on civil rights, and establish world peace without the use of violence.
The peace and progress vision of Martin Luther King III for the 21st century helps the related networks throughout the world to tackle basic problems of their inhabitants, and in so doing contribute to the development of their beloved country and their society as a whole.

Extract from the winner’s speech:
“I am greatly honoured to be chosen as the winner of the Karic Brothers Award. I feel very humble at this moment, bearing in mind all the previous laureates of this award, as well as all the people around the world that do great deeds every single day. I recall the words of my father when he was awarded the Nobel Peace prize in 1964. He then said that he accepted the award only as a commissioner who receives a commendation on behalf of all people that are devoted to peace and unity. I believe that I have now understood the meaning of his words.”