The ‘Karic Brothers’ Award Laureates in 2000


The opening speech of Mrs Milankа Marа Karic president of Karic foundation.

Dear laureates,
ladies and gentlemen,
our dear friends,

Promotion of the award for the topmost achievements is highly responsible, exceptionally solemn, but primarily honorable and joyful act.
The responsibility of the jury, the Karic foundation, was enormous. Ever since it has been established, there has been outstanding rivalry for the Award. While congratulating the winners, I would like to thank, with sincere respect, to all those whose names and works were under view and conscience of the jury.
All our laureates with their names and works, twenty of them as from today, will present to the world, in the most explicit way, the essence and intention of the “Karic Brothers” Award. Its intention is to give a stimulation and motive to all those who do creative work. Its intention is to last and it will last as long as there are outstandingly creative, human and kind people among us, and in the whole world.
Dear laureates, I wish to congratulate you in the name of my family who established the “Karic Brothers” Award, with belief in unexhaustive reason and excellence of the people it belongs to. My congratulations also go to your families, friends and collaborators, without whose love and support you would not have achieved as much as you had.
Because, also due to you, this world is better and more generous …

I am free to say that a gratitude of entire our people has been woven into this Award. It holds the name of the respectable Serbian Karic family, who has been finding, ever since its beginnings, the strength and success in family devotion, devotion to its Orthodox Christianity and its people, in mutual love, harmony and self sacrifice, just as our Vladika Nikolay used to say:

“We need faith so that we can hope, hope – so that we can live, and love – so thatwe can live as a civilized people.”
“The path that leads to flourishing humanity is called sacrifice: Sacrifice of the rich to the poor; scholars to the ignorant; great to the small; individuals to the wholeness.”


Mrs RADMILA BAKOČEVIĆ, prima donna

She has marked our interpretative art by her excellence in everything achieved and her outstanding roles that ensured success on the concert platform of the major international opera houses. She has greatly enhanced the establishing of our art in general.

Extract from the winner’s speech:
“I have never thought about awards, but they kept coming of their own accord, presented on the basis of assessments made by others. Rewards and praise have confirmed that I chose the right vocation and directed me to the course that I should follow. Since its very commencement in 1955, I have never visualized my career as an entirely personal affirmation but as a small contribution to Serbian-Yugoslav culture. The Karic Foundation is young, but it is without doubt an institution of exceptional importance. I thank the Karic family and the esteemed jury for placing me in the company of most renowned individuals, who have received this award in the sphere of science, culture and art.”



For two Historiography classics (Serbian Medieval Lexicon and Encyclopaedia of Serbian Historiography). The works of those two authors represent a synthesis of our scientific knowledge in this field and could only be attainable by authors who harbour vast scientific expertise and a developed gift for pedagogic work along with an awareness of the requirements of the younger generations in the scientific discipline.

Extract from the speech of Sima Ćirković:
“In accepting this important recognition, I feel the need on behalf of both authors, to express the gratitude to all those who have found our books deserving of the award. That goes out to all those who proposed, judged, made final decisions and ultimately presented this award. We experience this award as an encouragement to not only our orientation but also to the prospective undertakings of this kind. That is above all essential in those scientific areas that deal with the research of cultural aspects and tradition placed in the period where they face the challenge of modernism.”



The “Jeremic Brothers“” Artistic Foundry is a reputable family workshop with a seventy-years long tradition whose method of working kept with the times. The cast monuments of leading Serbs that come out of their workshop, decorate many a place of our country.

Extract from the speech of Mr Pavle Jeremić:
“Speaking for the entire collective of the Vozdovac Artistic Foundry of the Jeremic brothers, I wish to express my gratitude for such an exceptional acknowledgment that puts before us a new objective to always be amongst the best. In conclusion, I wish to express my deep admiration and gratitude to the “Karic Brothers” Company and above all to the Karic family for initiating, organising and sponsoring an event that has placed them on an equal footing with the greatest Serbian benefactors and endowment founders.”







Mr MIRKO VASILJEVIĆ, theorist in the field of economic-legal issues

The Economic Societies by Mirko Vasiljevic is a significant theoretical work in the area of systematisation and comparative analysis of entrepreneurial associations, which systemises and analyses that field on a legal-theoretical level and indirectly plays a role in the enhancement of entrepreneurial and stock associations in our country.

Extract from the speech of Mirko Vasiljević:
“The principle aim of my book is a search for the answer to the crucial question of yet another important demarcation – how to succeed in choosing the right model that sets the pattern for successful organising of business companies and national economy on the whole. Following an analytic review of about twenty countries, including those that have not yet developed an economic policy, a model for a successful expansion was found in the proprietorial company strategy, which has been used as a starting point of the prestigious “Karic Brothers” Company.”


Mr JOVAN ĆIRILOV, publicist

Over four decades of Jovan Cirilov’s presence in our media has been marked by an impressive quality of thought, linguistic expression and imagination that covered diverse themes with immense knowledge.

Extract from the winner’s speech:
“The Karic brothers have created an award that bears a resemblance to the Nobel Prize, a prestigious international award presented by experts and people of renown in their country. The dignity of this award lies not only in the sum that accompanies it but also in its laureates. The manner in which the “Karic Brothers” Award regards art, culture, science, economy, journalism, publishing and humanitarian activity, reminds more of an imaginary brighter future than it does of the past or present time.”


Mr PETER HANDKE, Austrian writer

The award was presented to the world-renowned intellectual and peace activist who has strongly condemned the NATO aggression on Yugoslavia in his public addressing and through his analyses. He has advocated dialogue, tolerance and recognition of the right to a life in peace as an only solution, thereby emphasising the futility of aggression. Peter Handke, who is also a nominee for the Nobel Literature prize has displayed personal courage in coming to Belgrade, travelling around Serbia and publicly defending the rights of Serbs all over the world.

Extract from the winner’s speech:
“I regard it as great honour to receive such a high Serbian national recognition that also bears an international significance. I hope that Serbia and Yugoslavia will find its path to change and gain back its rightful place in Europe.”